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Diego Bedetti | Fishing Experience | Charter di pesca in Adriatico centrale

Diego Bedetti Fishing Experience is not just a fishing charter, it is my way of experiencing the sea and sharing the passion I have for fishing with old and new friends, who had only been contacts on social networks until then. I met many of the enthusiasts I had the pleasure to host on board during some events in specialised clubs or shops, where we periodically gather to talk about the various fishing techniques I use in the area where I live. Some others read my bio on my website and decided to contact me to go through an emotional experience or simply to live a day at sea with me. My purposes in each fishing expedition focus on conveying the knowledge I’ve earned in the field to allow everyone to go home enriched by a beautiful experience at sea and some more information. Moreover, we might be lucky and reach our goal of catching a beautiful fish, going home with a beautiful souvenir photo and an exciting video of the release of our prey. In my charter I try to promote and spread the catch & release practice, especially when the prey is the bluefin tuna, paying attention to both the delicate oxygenation phase of the fish and the release phase. As the Adriatic Sea is a living basin, even if extremely delicate and in constant metamorphosis, there will be the possibility to live it as fishermen as well as spectators. We will frequently meet schools of dolphins, the strange moon fish and the loggerhead (caretta caretta) turtles.



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