Diego Bedetti

My name is Diego Bedetti, I was born in Chiaravalle in the province of Ancona on 10th December 1976. As a child, fishing had a strong appeal to me, and thanks to my grandfather and my parents I could spend long afternoons on the banks of a river, a lake or on the cliffs of the harbour.

Virtually every situation was good for holding a rod.

I still remember the strong rush of adrenaline that the only thought of going fishing the next morning gave me, keeping me up all night.

When I was 14, I approached the world of competition in inland waters and enrolled in the ASD Cannisti Chiaravallesi Club. I started fishing for trout in the lake, a dynamic technique that led me to achieve excellent results at national levels both individually and in teams.

Despite all of this, however, my interest in the sea was growing and this pull was so strong that in 2006 I decided to obtain a boat license, firstly for within 12 miles, to then progress to one without limits.

I had my first encounter with fishing from a boat while practising techniques near the coast, such as bottom fishing and trolling with lures and bait fish.

The idea of confronting myself with the king of the sea, however, soon led me to acquire the basics to practice the technique of drifting, allowing me to have my first bout in July 2008, ending with the catch of a beautiful bluefin tuna.

During September of that year I also saw my first feeding frenzy (mangianza), an incredible moment to say the least, the sea which was foaming, the crazy seagulls that where throwing themselves into the water and the tuna that splashed out like bolts of lightning.

I still remember how I turned, took the vertical barrel which I always carried with me armed with a 210-gram Jig, and threw it in the middle of foam, immediately striking but, alas, the tuna got the better of me on that occasion.

This event stimulated me further, drawing me to the technique of deep-sea spinning, which was then still a little-known topic in Italy.

Diego Bedetti | Fishing Experience | Charter di pesca in Adriatico centrale
Diego Bedetti | Fishing Experience | Charter di pesca in Adriatico centrale

The continuous research of new equipment led me in 2010 to form a collaboration agreement as Pro Staff with one of the biggest national companies in the fishing industry, and in my opinion the most knowledgeable of the technique of deep-sea spinning, the OLD CAPTAIN with whom I collaborate still to this day, dealing with testing new products or creating new projects on rods and various other equipment, to make the products that will then be put on the market more valid and reliable.

In 2011 I had the pleasure of testing boat of unique performance which I fell in love with, the Polaris 22 belonging to a friend of mine, and I realised that it was the perfect means in terms of navigation, space on board and low consumption rates.

A little later I got to know Mr. Franco Chetta, manufacturer of the boat and owner of the shipyard Polaris, who soon produced my Polaris 23 at my request. Polaris 23  

In 2013, together with a group of friends, I founded the ASD Hot Spot Fishing Adventure (HSFA) where, in addition to being a member, I assumed the role of instructor, working hard at not only imparting love and respect for the sea to the new novice associates, but then plunging them into the various techniques of fishing that we practise in our zone, carrying out serial courses and then going to put into practice the things we had discussed around the table. From the start of 2013, thanks to the HSFA team, my first experience at a professional level began and the satisfaction was not slow in arriving.

In 2014 I started a close collaboration with APR, Alliance of Fishermen, which allowed me to join the Tag & Release project, promoted by ICCAT International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna. This project aims at the study and preservation of bluefin tuna by placing a coded Spaghetti Tag on the back of the fish. The objective is to understand with a newly caught and tagged tuna its growth, migration and other values which will allow us to understand many things about this fantastic yet still little-known fish.

The in-depth analysis of various fishing techniques and the many hours spent at sea have over the years led me to understand that a fundamental aid for a fisherman is on-board instruments, such as depth sounders, GPS mapping, radar and Panoptix, drawing me in February of 2016 to a leading company in the electronic sector: the Garmin Marine. In that same year, thanks to the group leader Antonello Salvi, I was invited to join the Garmin Fishing Team.

In 2018 I worked hard with the guys at Team Hot Spot Fishing Adventure to organise the Italian Spinning Championships, something that fills me with great pride and esteem for the rest of my team.

2019 – Inizio della collaborazione con l’azienda Mercury Marine.

La grande quantità di giorni trascorsi in mare, spesso navigando per molte ore anche in condizioni difficili, sono fattori che mi hanno richiesto di montare un motore affidabile, potente e parco nei consumi .
La scelta è stata per me molto semplice, poiché una sola azienda aveva a disposizione quello che cercavo e proprio con questa azienda, la Mercury Marine nel marzo del 2019 ho avviato una bella collaborazione.
Il fuoribordo che ho istallato sulla mia Polaris è un Mercury Pro Xs 300 CV
Un motore che a mio avviso è unico nella sua categoria.
300 Cavalli
4600 di cilindrata
229 kg il suo peso
Un concentrato di potenza che mi permette di viaggiare con una crociera di 25 nodi a 3300 giri con 29 lt/ora o raggiungere in caso di necessità i 45 nodi di velocità massima.

Finalmente nel 2019 arriva il tricolore vincendo il Campionato Italiano di Spinning D’Altura


3 Classificato Dorica Tuna Contest
Campioni Italiani Spinning D'Altura 2019 - Porto San Giorgio
1 classificato 1 prova Campionato Italiano Spinning d’Altura 2019 - Fano
2018 4° classificati Campionato Italiano Spinning d’Altura
2017 4° classificati Campionato Italiano Spinning d’Altura
1° class. Campionato provinciale drifting
2016 1° Classificato 4th BLUEFINTUNA SPINNING CUP (FANO)
2015 1° Classificato 1st EXTREME TUNA SPINNING CUP (P.S.GIORGIO)
2014 1° Classificato 2nd BLUEFINTUNA SPINNING CLUB (FANO)


My experience with television started in 2013, when I recorded my first video “Bluefin Tuna Spinning Dream 2” for the channel Italian Fishing TV with Stefano Passarelli, and I began to record my experiences at sea and then sharing them on my YouTube channel @diegobedetti.

In 2014 I recorded for the channel SKY Fishing TV with Riccardo Tamburini in his series GONE FISHING “A SPINNING UNDER THE CONERO”.

From 2014 I had the pleasure of starting to collaborate with well-known specialised magazines, such as “Pesca in Mare” “Pescare Mare” “LA PESCA fly and spinning” and “Pianeta Pesca Mare”, because of which I was able to share my experiences made while practising techniques like trolling, drifting, spinning and l’inchiku.

In 2016, thanks to Old Captain, I recorded the video “I GABBIANI DI DIEGO” for Italian Fishing TV.

In 2018, thanks to Garmin, I recorded the video “THE FISHING TEAM” for the channel SKY Fishing.

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