Extreme drifting for bluefin tuna, also defined with the name Big Game, is the technique aimed at the larger fish, those that we often (but not always) have to search for at a great distance from land, and for this reason it is defined as “fishing from height”. Big-game Fishing is recognised as the contest between man and fish, increasingly adapting out equipment to the standard of fish that, although in recent years have increased in number, have reduced in size. “Reduced” is of course referring to the 300kg giants that populated our seas in the 1980s-90s and that forced the anglers to use powerful canes and wires with terrific diameters, as well as fighting while sitting down in chairs. Today things have changed considerably. The action of fishing is carried out with 30/50 lb rods and very thin wires and terminals in order to chase after these “little tuna” of 60/80 kg, which, although of considerably smaller size, still put fishermen to the test. They no longer finds themselves sat down, but rather standing up and harnessed to the rod, onto which the fish will drain his power. A drifting trip will take up the whole day, departing at 8am and re-entering port at 4pm. The technique involves using 3/4 rods armed with sardines and creating a trail of baiting, which will then be intercepted by tuna that will fall into our trap (we hope). The battle will be carried out in a sporting manner, with the anglers taking turns with the rod to allow everyone to experience and savour the power of such a fish, and it will end with the usual ritual photo keeping the fish in the water, without stressing it. The tuna will then be tagged, adequately oxygenated and finally released, in compliance with the current regulations. We can carry out this technique throughout most of the year, with better results in the months of March, April, July, August, September, October and November. Reimbursement of expenses include fuel, the captain, bait, lures, drinks and snacks. THE TIMES SHOWN ABOVE ARE PURELY APPROXIMATE AS WEATHER CONDITIONS MAY FORCE US TO RETURN EARLY OR DEPART LATE. If needed I will provide the specific equipment for the fishing technique that we will be dealing with, giving everyone the opportunity to try their hand at the various techniques, even if they do not have everything required.

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